So I’m trying to work on a new drawing style as part of my PhD. As part of this I will be practicing by drawing things in my day and sharing them on the blog. May or may not contain archaeogaming.



  1.  Had a great chat with Mark about Ultima Ratio Regum. You should play it. It literally blows my small mind.
  2. Went with the Lady Dates crew and ate my body weight in chicken nuggets and fries at McD’s over a catch up night. PhD life is made so much better with this crew.
  3. Lifted some personal bests at the gym. Heavy stuff is cool stuff.
  4. Managed to get more than 5 hours sleep for the first time in weeks.
  5. Found my new favorite gym song: Vodkafjæs by ADHD. The song is a rollercoaster of emotion and now anyone called Søren is equated with having a Vodkafjæs until my end of days.